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This Trump Lie Won’t Go Away, And That’s Not An Accident


This Trump Lie Won’t Go Away, And That’s Not An Accident

In his shameless attempt to create an alternative narrative, Donald Trump has adopted Twitter as a conduit to distribute lies to millions of Americans. But there’s one lie in particular that just won’t die, even after being debunked countless of times.

The “Obama tapped my wires” tweet is not Donald Trump’s most offensive or least intelligent lie. His off-color comment about Meghan Kelly may hold that unenviable distinction. The wiretap claim is, however, the lie that won’t go way —and that’s not an accident.

This blatant untruth, consistently disseminated, reinterpreted, repeated and extrapolated is now the administration’s lifeline. It’s a strategic political umbilical cord that can be twisted is so many ways that it could change the conversation any time Trump feels threatened by any of the ongoing investigations into his potentially impeachable acts of corruption.

The Alleged Russian collusion is like a coronary obstruction choking the Trump’s administration’s heart. But the “Obama tapped my wires” lie nurtures a surveillance narrative that, quite literally, keeps a 35–40% approval rating heart’s pumping, preventing it from a complete and fatal organ failure.


Incompetence and slithering dishonesty are contributing factors. In less than the first 100 days, the Administration is an ashen pile of public policy failures and behind the curtain, controversial, hard-right, dark victories.

An insecure, impulsive and nervous President’s tweet is now a complex, political opposition story. Press Secretary Sean Spicer’s verbal tweet twisting, Devin Nunes bumbling to and fro on the White House grounds, and this week’s non-revelation about Susan Rice —with the President’s subsequent accusation of a crime via a New York Times interview)—, morphed a fictional political novella into a crafted-by-dumb-luck, slightly complicated alternative fact that is competing with the Steele Dossier.

Ironically, the Trump administration is using some of the methods the Russians used to manipulate public opinion and manage Donald Trump and his associates, specifically, implicit and explicit collusion.

Devin Nunes was certainly “in cahoots” with the Trump team while reviewing confidential documentation on the Administration’s computers. Either instructed or instructing, he was fully aware of his explicit collusion.

The opposing narrative, the 180-degree political, literary shift away from “Trump’s lie in the sand” is the Steele Dossier. In fact, the dossier is “now the roadmap for the FBI investigation.” The document details Trump’s alleged ties to Russia —and possible collusion. The scathing assessment crafted by former British Spy Christopher Steele describes an eight-year-old, incredibly complex spiderweb of Trump campaign interactions with Russia.

The document asserts that Trump and/or his associates knowingly, or unknowingly (or both) coordinated efforts with the Kremlin. Segments of the document have been confirmed while other parts remain uncorroborated.

While unraveling this multi-layered, complicated mystery could take years, time doesn’t heal all wounds. The laceration the Kremlin may have inflicted on our electoral body is exacerbated by our President’s obstructive untruth telling. American’s have to decide who to believe. The nation’s limited trust in anyone is going bleed out of this festering gash.

However, the longer the Russia investigations take and the more Trump coordinates blatant lies with random acts of normality, the more likely he is to succeed at long-term collusion, distraction, and distortion of reality.

The American people deserve to know the truth and see that those involved in this unprecedented attack on our democracy are held accountable and tried for TREASON.

When asked to comment on the current state of affairs in America, BBC’s Paul Wood said:

“Increasingly, the American people are being asked to choose between two unpalatable versions of events: abuse of power by one president or treason that put another in the White House. It cannot be both.”

Which narrative do you want to believe America?

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