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Trump Loses It On Twitter, Calls Beto O’Rourke A ‘Dummy’ Over Assault-Weapon Buyback Proposal


Donald Trump went on a Twitter rant on Wednesday morning attacking presidential candidate Beto O’Rourke over his proposal to buy back assault weapons from Americans in an attempt to stop mass shootings.

Trump called O’Rourke a “dummy” in his tweet.

Trump tried to push the false narrative that Democrats want to take people’s guns away. He tweeted saying:

“Dummy Beto made it much harder to make a deal. Convinced many that Dems just want to take your guns away. Will continue forward!”

Trump is lying to his followers to spark more controversy. Democrats don’t want to take your guns away.

O’Rourke first called for mandatory buybacks of assault weapons last month following the deadly shooting in his hometown of El Paso. But the proposal got its widest audience yet Thursday at the latest primary debate in Houston, where O’Rourke vowed that “hell, yes,” he wants to take away people’s AR-15s and AK-47s, not their shotguns and not their handguns.

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