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Trump-Loving Border Patrol Militia Members Threaten To Murder Immigrants: ‘Put Them All In A Gas Chamber’

We have officially sunk to a new low in America. A new report revealed on Monday that a group of Trump-loving militia members “patrolling” the border held over 200 migrants at gunpoint. But it didn’t stop there.

According to reporter Ken Lippenstein, members of the militia want to go “back to the Hitler days.”

Klippenstein posted the case report to his Twitter page and one militia member chose to comment.

“Why are we…not lining them up and shooting them?” the militia member asked his fellow gunmen. “We have to go back to Hitler days and put them all in a gas chamber.”

According to reports, the group has been going down to the Southern U.S. border to help prevent the invasion that Donald Trump said was happening. Border Patrol officers have told the men to leave and have even arrested one leader and held him on gun charges.

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