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Trump-Loving Candace Owens Tries Going After Dems, Gets Completely Shut Down On Live TV: Watch

MSNBC host Craig Melvin had a heated interview with conservative YouTuber Candace Owens on Thursday when she claimed that the left was over-exaggerating the threat posed by Donald Trump and his administration.

“What we see in the leftist media so much is every single week, you’re outraged over something else. [Trump] gets a Supreme Court pick, you have to move on, let him pick somebody and then we start to talk about things, but this fear-mongering has to stop,” Owens said. “There has to be more rational dialogue and thought here.”

Melvin then questioned if it was only the left who engaged in fear mongering.

“I don’t recall while Obama was in office for two terms, every single day waking up thinking the world was going to end,” Owens responded.

“I vividly recall being at a number of town hall meetings after Obamacare had been launched and people showing up with automatic weapons, people claiming that they wanted to take their country back, so to say that all of a sudden the left is up in arms — the right was up in arms for a while as well,” Melvin said.

“About the president in general, about him not being born in this country,” he continued. “That he was a secret Muslim. I mean, there are fringes.”

Then the subject switched to Trump promising to “drain the swamp” and doing the exact opposite by hiring Scott Pruitt and others who have overspent taxpayer money for their own personal gains.

“You can appreciate how a president who vowed to drain the swamp might receive some legitimate criticism from journalists and the citizens at large,” Melvin said.

Owens said she could appreciate it, but she didn’t have to “add to the dialogue.”

“I don’t have to pretend this is something that is a pressing issue… and I choose not to. I choose to pay attention to the crap that’s happening in the Democratic Party and the major shift that is happening, and I choose to be at the forefront of it,” Owens said.

Take a look at the interview in the clip below:

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