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Trump-Loving Chiropractor Busted For Selling Bogus Coronavirus Cure

Steven Baker, a chiropractor who operates a practice in Meridian, Idaho has been booted off social media for selling bogus cures for the COVID-19.

Baker, a self-described Trump supporter, told thousands of followers that he was “educating the masses” with “controversial content,” but Facebook removed videos he posted claiming that a “silver spray” that he sells online was more effective than hand sanitizer, BuzzFeed News reports.

The spray contains no alcohol and is not effective protection against the virus.

Shopify also removed one of Baker’s products, and Facebook explained that his videos were taken down for violating company policies prohibiting coronavirus misinformation.

Baker sells the silver spray, supplements and other products on his website, but the World Health Organization and Food and Drug Administration both say no vaccines or medicines have been developed to treat or prevent the illness.

Televangelist Jim Bakker and conspiracy theorist Alex Jones have made similar claims about colloidal silver products and have been hit with court orders to stop propagating the bogus claim.

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