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Trump-Loving CNN Guest Gets Torn Apart After Trying To Downplay Russia’s Election Interference

A CNN panel discussion went off the rails on Tuesday while discussing Jared Kushner downplaying Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election.

The segment started with CNN’s Brianna Keilar showing a clip of Kushner at the TIME summit trying to downplay the Russia meddling.

“Does he get it?” Keilar asked.

“He gets it, but he’s not being truthful about it. The reality is that Mueller came out and said there was a sweeping and systemic interference in the election campaign and we have heard nothing from the president of the United States condemning it,” Columnist Mehdi Hasan said.

Trump-loving David Urban then chimed in by claiming to have heard a completely different comment from Kushner.

“I don’t think he’s downplaying what the Russians did. I don’t think he said it didn’t have any impact. I didn’t hear Jared say that” Urban said.

Kushner tried to downplay the impact that Russia had in the election by claiming that only a few Facebook ads by the Russians were a factor. However, Russia spent more than $1.25 million each month on Facebook ads.

The panel ripped on Urban for missing the point.

“I think Donald Trump has done a much better job of sewing discord by talking about building a wall and scapegoating LGBTQ people,” commentator Karen Finney said. “The Russians are very good at exploiting existing fractures. They’re not particularly good at creating new ones. So this president has done a very good job of also further exploiting and dividing those fractures.”

Take a look at the heated discussion in the video clip below:

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