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Trump-Loving Evangelical Left Clueless After Chris Cuomo Asked If The President Goes To Church

Trump-loving evangelical David Brody appeared on CNN on Wednesday where he was confronted by host Chris Cuomo about Donald Trump’s attendance at church.

Brody, who appeared on CNN to defend his new book about Trump’s “spiritual journey” was taken off-guard when Cuomo asked if Trump attends church regularly.

Brody’s stutteringly responded:

“Well, he does… he goes to church,” Brody said. “But let me tell you this…”

“We certainly don’t have the Sunday church cams that we used to have,” Cuomo interrupted.

Brody failed to defend Trump and said the president can talk for himself on that subject.

“Please understand that he can come on himself and defend his church attendance,” Brody said.

Earlier in the segment, Cuomo was baffled at evangelicals that fully support Trump.

“The question is, how much of it is really a measure of this man, or are you just giving him a really low bar?” Cuomo asked. “It seems the evangelical community prizes beliefs and behaviors that this president does not and has never exhibited. How do you overcome what he says about people, what he expresses in terms of a lack of compassion for people? A man who says he’s never had to ask God for forgiveness?”

Trump has said in the past that he has never asked God for forgiveness because he has nothing to feel sorry about. Brody insisted otherwise and said, “you can Google it.”

Brody also suggested that having Trump becoming a “cultural warrior” on behalf of evangelicals was evidence of God having a “sense of humor.”

Watch the interview in the video clip below:

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