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Trump-Loving Fox Hosts Are Freaking Out After Mueller Bombshell And They’re Spinning The Story To Help Trump

On Wednesday, former special counsel Robert Mueller shocked the Trump world when he claimed that there wasn’t enough evidence in his findings to exonerate Donald Trump and that Congress should take over the investigation.

The news that proved Trump wasn’t completely exonerated made Fox News hosts freak out. They tried to lure their viewers into believing that this was nothing but an act to go after Trump.

“It’s like, at the end of a fight, one guy takes one last kick,” said Pete Hegseth, a contributor at Fox News, during an appearance on “Fox & Friends. “Not because he won, just because he wanted to get one last in. And that feels like what Mueller tried to do here — no reason for it.”

Brian Kilmeade, a co-anchor of the show, affirmed Hegseth’s opinion.

“Well as you said, Pete, he’s saying, ‘I can’t indict, but I hope you will,’” Kilmeade said. “And to me, it shows that those — for two years the president has been saying it’s a witch-hunt — Mueller is compromised. He took it personal. My opinion? He took it personal, and that was his subtle shot trying to remain professional but saying, ‘I’ll get you in the end.’”

But more prominent supporters of Trump who work in the network had even worse things to say about Mueller.

“This city’s legal establishment has always hated Donald Trump. They think he’s uncouth. They think he’s not smart. They think he didn’t deserve the presidency. He didn’t check all their boxes, and they never wanted him to be president. And the fact that he managed to get through two years of this investigation and accomplish as much as he has, I think it sticks under their craw,” Laura Ingraham explained.

She later added, “I’m hot on this because I don’t like when prosecutors grandstand before the cameras.”

Sean Hannity, who has been one of Trump’s biggest supporters on the network, argued this marked the beginning of the next phase in the ongoing Trump-Russia scandal and claimed that the “witch hunt” continues.

“We can report tonight: Act One is over, in spite of the noise. Robert Mueller is out,” Hannity told his viewers. “The witch hunt has been dissolved. He said nothing today that wasn’t already said in the Mueller report. So Act Two, which is surrounding the Deep State’s unprecedented abuse of power and corruption, that is now only beginning. That means Jim Comey, James Clapper, John Brennan and others . . . They are terrified. They know they’re in big trouble.”

He later added, “Number one: Mr. Mueller doesn’t know the law; he’s basically full of crap. And the special counsel’s regulations? They are very clear.”

It’s obvious, Trump supporters are living in an alternate reality and won’t accept the facts. Fox News continues to prove why they are a propaganda network built to alter reality to favor those who support the sitting president.

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