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Trump-Loving Game Show Host Gets Torched After Claiming ‘Racism Has Nothing To Do With Race’

Chuck Woolery, who formerly hosted TV game shows such as “Love Connection,” “Scrabble,” and “The Dating Game,” has decided to become the laughing stock of the internet by becoming one of Donald Trump’s most prominent defenders.

In a wild Twitter tirade attempting to defend Trump for being called a racist all the time, Woolery claimed that racism is not about race but it’s just a thing that was invented by the “Progressive left” in order to get “attention.”

Woolery tweeted saying:

“RACISM HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH RACE. Racism is the Progressive Left crying out for attention. If you disagree with the ProgressiveLeft. They consider you a Racist. They are desperate to hold on to the Black Vote.”

People took notice of Woolery’s insane tweet and decided to call him out for it. Here are some of the best responses:

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