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Trump-Loving Idaho Teachers Wear MAGA Wall Costume For Halloween To Taunt Hispanic Students, Get Away With It: Report

A group of Trump-loving Idaho teachers decided to show up to school this past Wednesday with a wall costume that read “Make America Great Again” as an attempt to taunt Hispanics in their class.

According to local news station KTVB, the teachers had initially posted the pictures on the school’s Facebook page along with costumes of Mexicans in mustaches and sombreros but immediately received backlash, causing them to take down the photos.

Dr. Josh Middleton, the Middleton School District’s superintendent, did post a public apology on the school’s Facebook page.

“I was shown those photos and [was] deeply troubled by the decision by our staff members to wear those costumes that are clearly insensitive and inappropriate,” he says in the video. “We are better than this. We embrace all students. We have a responsibility to teach and reach all students, period.”

But the teachers got away with a slap on the wrist as Middleton didn’t believe they wore the costumes to offend their students.

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