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Trump-Loving Musician Threatens To Shoot Immigrant Families, Quickly Gets ‘Screwed’

Phillip McCain, an Alabama musician and self-described Trump supporter lost his band after threatening to shoot immigrant families crossing the border, reported Wednesday.

McCain was dismissed from the rock band Buck Wild after his expletive-laced Facebook post went viral.

“I’ll tell ya what I’ll volunteer to shoot their a**es when they approach the border. Problem solved. No more illegal f*cks coming in here. Period,” McCain posted, according to the report.

“I don’t give a sh*t about them, their kids, their sh*tty life or asylum,” McCain wrote. “I care about American kids and American families. You’ve got to be a complete idiot to not get it, but then again we are talking about the libtard agenda. Liberalism is a mental disorder and I’m damn sure glad that I’m not dumb sh*t.”

McCain outburst came amid growing public outcry against the Trump administration’s family separation policy.

Other social media users shared screenshots of the post, which McCain has taken down, and his Facebook account was eventually deactivated due to user complaints.

The operator of Pablo’s Restaurante & Cantina in Birmingham canceled McCain’s scheduled Tuesday evening show over the threatening post.

“I’m an immigrant myself, I’m from Indonesia and I work in the Mexican restaurant here, and I’m doing the booking for the restaurant,” said restaurant manager Putu Primanta. “Our clientele is from many different backgrounds and I was afraid it was going to hurt our business. I’m just here trying to make a living and be friends with everybody.”

McCain told the website the post had seriously harmed his career, but he refused to take back his threats.

“I lost my job in my band Buck Wild, roughly $3,000 [in concert bookings], and I’ve lost three solo gigs already, and that’s all for voicing my opinion, and yes, it was harsh, but it was just an opinion,” McCain said.

He insisted his Facebook post “was taken out of context.”

“I really just meant that I would protect America’s border at any cost,” McCain said. “That’s what I should have said, and now I’m completely screwed.”

Others disagree and called his post “a trheat.”

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