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Trump-Loving Radio Host Wildly Rants About ‘The Left’ Not Letting Him Use ‘The N-Word’: ‘It’s Disgusting!’

Dennis Prager, a Trump supporter who runs a radio show, went on a rant this week about not being able to use the N-word because “the Left” has made it impossible for him to do so.

“I don’t think there is a hatred of Jews and Blacks in the United States,” Prager told a caller. “I was talking about private anti-Semitic and anti-Black language used by Presidents Truman and Nixon.”

The caller then asked why Prager, when discussing the language used by Truman, said the full word “k**e” — an anti-Jewish slur — but abbreviated the word “n****r.”

“Because the Left has made it impossible to say the N-word any longer,” said Prager. “That’s disgusting, it’s a farce. It’s the only word you can’t say in the English language … the Left doesn’t give a damn about that [other] word. That’s why.”

“The Left runs the country in the culture,” continued Prager. “The Republicans have the Senate and the presidency, and that’s very important. But the culture — and the more the Left controls, the more totalitarian it is. That is not an attack, it’s just a statement of fact, like two plus two equals four.”

“It is idiotic that you cannot say the N-word,” Prager fumed. “Idiotic. Of course you should never call anyone the N-word, that’s despicable. But to say the word? You can’t even say that the word is despicable! You have to say the N-word.”

Take a look at his rant in the video clip below:

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