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Steelworker Who Voted For Trump Goes On Expletive Rant After Learning Tax Cuts Only Benefit His ‘A-hole’ Boss

Steelworkers are enraged with Donald Trump’s tax cuts that promised to help them out because they have done the exact opposite. Erich Collins, an Iraq War veteran who is now a steelworker, talked to Vice News and expressed his anger over the tax cuts only benefiting his “a**hole” boss.

Vice News decided to interview steelworkers after learning that many of them have gone on strike after their bosses refused to compensate them after receiving the GOP’s tax cuts.

Collins, who voted for Donald Trump and claimed to be a right-wing guy, told Vice that his “a**hole” boss is treating employees like “sh*t.”

Vice then asked Collins if he would be happy if Trump did nothing to help the working class as he said he would.

“Hopefully it caught his attention and I hope he would be listening to the workers,” he said.

“I’d like to have him have a sit down with the CEO and tell him to stop being an assh*le,” he said of Trump. “And this isn’t what I gave the tax breaks for, so guys like only him can benefit and reap from what we sow.”

Collins went on to say that he would be “extremely disappointed” if Trump sided with “corporate greed” if the workers chose to go on strike.

Take a look at the video clip below:

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