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Trump-Loving Teenager Arrested After Threatening Mass Shooting, Cops Find 25 Guns And Over 10K Rounds Of Ammo At His Home


18-year-old Justin Olsen was charged by federal prosecutors on Tuesday after investigators found that he had been praising mass shootings and had a plan to target Planned Parenthood.

Investigators found that Olsen was running a page with the handle “ArmyOfChrist” on an app called iFunny. An FBI affidavit says that Olsen voiced support for mass shootings and fantasized about terror attacks on Planned Parenthood.

According to BuzzFeed News, Olsen’s home was raided and law enforcement found over 10,000 rounds of ammunition and 25 guns.

“Federal agents seized 15 rifles, 10 semiautomatic pistols, and 10,000 rounds of ammunition during the arrest earlier this month,” BuzzFeed reported.

Olsen’s page was filled with mass shooting fantasies.

While lamenting the 1993 raid on the Branch Davidians’ compound in Waco, Texas in which 76 members of the religious cult were killed, Olsen wrote, “in conclusion, shoot every federal agent on sight.”

In another post, Olsen warned people to ignore gun laws and to “stock up on stuff [the government] could ban.”

“In fact, go out of your way to break these laws, they’re f—–g stupid,” he wrote.

“Hell, even the Oklahoma City bombing shows that armed resistance is a viable method of political change,” Olsen wrote in a separate post. “There is no legal solution.”

After being arrested, Olsen claimed that his posts were “only a joke.”

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