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Trump-Loving TV Host Launches Racist Attack On ‘Slanty-Eyed’ Chinese Tourists, Immediately Gets Fired

Conservative commentator and Trump supporter Ross Cameron, just saw his career end at Sky News after the network fired him for making deeply racist comments about Chinese people visiting Disneyland.

According to the Guardian, commentator Ross

During on-air comments, Cameron said that Chinese people swarm Shanghai Disneyland because they “like and enjoy and embrace many aspects of Western culture.” He then made the racist comment that got him sacked.

“If you go to the Disneyland in Shanghai on any typical morning of the week, you’ll see 20,000 black-haired, slanty-eyed, yellow-skinned Chinese, desperate to get into Disneyland,” he said.

Cameron — the co-host of Outsiders — was called out by the network which described his comment as “unacceptable.”

“Sky News is committed to robust discussion and debate, however, this language is totally unacceptable,” said Sky News chief executive Paul Whittaker.

Prior to his television stint, Cameron served as a Liberal member of NSW parliament from 1996 to 2004 representing Parramatta.

The late-night host was previously notable for taking to the airwaves to defend President Donald Trump.

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