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Trump Made Up A New Word “Unpresidented.” Merriam Webster Response Is PERFECT


Trump Made Up A New Word “Unpresidented.” Merriam Webster Response Is PERFECT

Donald Trump keeps being Donald Trump. In an attempt to call out China on Twitter after they captured a surveillance drone from the U.S. Navy, Trump tweeted how “unpresidented” China’s actions were. That quickly backfired. Merriam Webster decided to respond, and the whole internet is laughing.

First of all, this is not an unprecedented act. The New York Times notes that in 2009 “five Chinese ships swarmed an American surveillance vessel, the Impeccable, 75 miles off Hainan island, the southernmost province of China… the Chinese ships got as close as 25 feet from the ship in what the Pentagon called ‘illegal and dangerous’ maneuvers.”


It doesn’t surprise us that Trump would tweet such thing. And although he deleted the tweet, he should know by now that whatever is posted on the internet will forever stay on the internet.

Merriam Webster responded to the misspelled tweet in a hilarious way.


The next four years are going to be weird.

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