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Trump Mocked ‘Those F-cking Evangelicals’ Behind Their Backs After Meeting With Religious Conservatives: Report

A new report revealed on Thursday that Donald Trump spoke badly about one of his strongest supportive bases in a closed-door meeting.

According to the Washington Post, Trump mocked evangelicals who support him while publicly praising their role in propping up his unpopular presidency.

“Those fucking evangelicals,” Trump said when meeting with Republican lawmakers as he smiled and shook his head.

According to the report, the quote comes from the new book “American Carnage”, by writer Tim Alberta. According to Alberta, Trump has come up with a tactic between himself and the critical bloc of conservative voters, in which he would “give them the policies and the access to authority that they longed for.” In exchange, they would turn a blind eye to his racism and misogyny and “stand behind him unwaveringly.”

This would explain why a lot of evangelical conservatives still follow Trump despite his history of xenophobia, racist, sexism among other things.

Alberta notes the key role of Mike Pence in propping up Trump with conservative evangelicals as well.

“Pence’s talent for bootlicking — he was nicknamed ‘the Bobblehead’ by Republicans on Capitol Hill for his solemn nodding routine whenever Trump spoke — were at their most obscene during meetings at the White House,” the author notes.

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