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Most Of Americans Agree, Trump Needs To “STFU” And Stop Tweeting


Most Of Americans Agree, Trump Needs To “STFU” And Stop Tweeting

Donald Trump must spend a lot of time tweeting. But the question is, does he do it too much?

Trump mainly uses Twitter to start up fights with politicians, celebrities, people that don’t support him, the media etc.

Trump you might want to rethink that and just delete your Twitter account. According to a poll by Morning Consult, most American voters think that the man tweets too much.


Out of all registered voters that participated, “56% think Trump uses Twitter “too much,” while 16% said he uses it “about the right amount” and 5% said he doesn’t use it enough. Among people who voted for Trump, 37% said he uses Twitter too much. Unsurprisingly, that figure was much higher among people who voted for Hillary Clinton—79% said Trump uses the social media site too much.”

But does Trump tweet more than the average person. Well so far, since he became president, Trump has sent out 376 tweets. Thats almost 400 tweets in the expand of a month. According to DMR Stats, the average number of tweets per twitter use is 307. Trump surpassed that in just a month.

It seems as though his favorite phrase is “FAKE NEWS.”





Or maybe he should keep his Twitter so the internet could have a blast making videos like these.

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