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Trump Offers No Words Of Condolences To Native Americans During Columbus Day Proclamation

Leave it to Donald Trump to break another White House tradition. Trump decided to leave out words of condolences for the genocide of Native Americans while proclaiming Christopher Columbus day.

Trump talked of Columbus as a hero while dismissing the massive genocide of Native Americans.

While honoring “the skilled navigator and man of faith, whose courageous feat brought together continents,” in his first Columbus Day proclamation, President Donald Trump made no mention of Native Americans.

Last year former President Barack Obama gave his condolences during his proclamation.

“As we mark this rich history, we must also acknowledge the pain and suffering reflected in the stories of Native Americans who had long resided on this land prior to the arrival of European newcomers,” Obama noted in the 2016 proclamation. “The past we share is marked by too many broken promises, as well as violence, deprivation, and disease. It is a history that we must recognize as we seek to build a brighter future — side by side and with cooperation and mutual respect.”

Trump doesn’t share the same values and morals as Obama, but he could at least share his try and share his condolences for the mass amount of people that were murdered.

You can read Trump’s complete proclamation HERE.

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