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Trump Official Resigns Amid Backlash After Being Caught Altering Resume



Trump Official Resigns Amid Backlash After Being Caught Altering Resume

A new report revealed on Monday that Mina Chang, the State Department official who was caught altering her resume, resigned after receiving backlash.

Politico obtained Chang’s resignation letter. In it, Chang states, “Resigning is the only acceptable moral and ethical option for me at this time.” Her resignation is effective immediately.

Chang also touched on the declining culture within the State Department, writing that it is “experiencing what I and many believe is the worst and most profound moral crisis confronting career professionals and political appointees in the Department’s history.”

She then added: “Department morale is at its lowest, the professionalism and collegiality – once a hallmark of the US diplomatic service — has all but disappeared.”

According to the report, Chang attacked the State Department for not defending her after NBC News published a bombshell report last week exposing her for fabricating significant portions of her work history and educational background.

The report also revealed that Chang had also appeared on a fake TIME Magazine cover, just like Donald Trump did.

“A character assassination based solely on innuendo was launched against me attacking my credentials and character,” she said in her resignation letter. “My superiors at the Department refused to defend me, stand up for the truth or allow me to answer the false charges against me.”

You can read the entire Politico report HERE.

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