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Trump Official Throws Trump Under The Bus: ‘Start Impeachment’

After reading the Mueller report twice, J.W. Verret, who served in the Trump transition team, said that there is, “without question,” enough evidence to start the impeachment proceedings of Donald Trump.

Verret served as one of the first 16 members of then-candidate Trump’s pre-transition team, serving as deputy director of economic policy before his departure in October 2016.

“The Mueller report is, without question, a referral to Congress to begin impeachment proceedings,” Verret said on CNN’s “The Lead with Jake Tapper.”

“I read it twice. That was my impression the first 10 pages in, and I think we have to take it seriously,” he added.

Verret wrote a column on The Atlantic before his appearance on CNN where he also called for Trump’s impeachment.

“Republicans who stand up to Trump today may face some friendly fire. Today’s Republican electorate seems spellbound by the sound bites of Twitter and cable news, for which Trump is a born wizard,” Verret wrote. “Yet, in time, we can help rebuild the Republican Party, enabling it to rise from the ashes of the post-Trump apocalypse into a party with renewed commitment to principles of liberty, opportunity, and the rule of law.”

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