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Trump Threatens Robert Mueller For Investigating Past Business Deals

A Lawyer representing President Donald Trump in the ongoing investigation into whether his campaign colluded with Russia said in an interview published Saturday that the President’s team will go after special counsel Robert Mueller if he investigates some of Trump’s past business dealings.

Politico reported Saturday that Jay Sekulow, a conservative attorney who joined Trump’s team in June, said that Trump’s attorneys are ready to challenge the legality of Mueller’s actions if he detours into anything they consider “outside the scope” of the inquiry, such as looking at old real estate deals the president might have been involved in through his Trump Organization.

As the report notes:

“Mueller’s team is bracing for an array of challenges to its authority as the criminal case against former Donald Trump campaign officials Paul Manafort and Rick Gates speeds toward a possible spring 2018 trial.” 

Trump himself told the New York Times in July that he would consider it “a violation” if Mueller’s investigators looked into his personal finances. And the president’s personal attorney, Jay Sekulow, told POLITICO on Thursday he is primed to lodge formal objections with either Mueller or Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein if the Russia investigation took a wide or unexpected detour into issues like an old Trump real-estate deal.

“We’d view that as outside the scope of legitimate inquiry,” Sekulow said. “We’d raise it.”

The special counsel probe has the authority to investigate any potential collusion between Trump’s campaign and Moscow, as well as any auxiliary matters arising from the Russia probe.

If Trump does decide to challenge Mueller or even force him out, it won’t be because of unfair treatment toward Trump – it’ll be because Mueller is being too thorough.

Going after Mueller not only would destroy an investigation the American people deserve, but it would lead to a constitutional crisis.

The report follows comments Trump made in an interview this week when asked if he could consider firing the Special Counsel.

Watch Trump’s response in the video below:

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