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Trump ‘On The Rocks’ With Bill Barr As The Unhinged President ‘Openly Defies Him’: Ex-Prosecutor

Former federal prosecutor Eli Honig appeared on CNN on Saturday where he claimed that the relationship between Donald Trump and Attorney General William Barr is “on the rocks” and does not look promising for the future.

Honing told “New Day” host Christi Paul that Barr made it clear when he said that Trump was making his job “impossible” by tweeting all the time.

“It’s interesting, Christi, the relationship between Trump and Barr seems to be on the rocks,” Honig explained. “We saw Bill Barr step up and show some spine when he said to ABC News, the president is making my job impossible.”

“What happened after that in the days after that, the president keeps quoting cases,” he continued. “So the president basically openly defied Bill Barr. What will Bill Barr do now? He threw down the gauntlet that he [Trump] laughed about. He’s going about his business and keeping his head down and I think that’s what is part of what leaves him unfit to lead the DOJ.”

Take a look at his remarks below:

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