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Trump Secretly Told Border Patrol Agents To Break The Law If It Meant Keeping Migrants Out

Donald Trump doesn’t seem to understand that asylum-seekers aren’t illegal immigrants trying to enter the U.S., they are families that are escaping their crime-ridden countries and begging the U.S. to take them in.

And now, Trump apparently wants to tell every single person coming in and asking for asylum to go back to their countries because the U.S. is “full.”

Of course, that’s false, there is plenty of room in the U.S., and in fact, the current birthrate is 16% below “replacement.”

According to CNN, Trump met with Border Patrol agents in a private meeting to tell them “behind the scenes” to “not let migrants in.”

That is outright illegal. The U.S. cannot deny someone asylum because we are “full.”

Even Secretary Nielsen had told Trump two weeks prior that his commands are illegal. The White House counsel also supported Secretary Nielsen’s reading of the law.

But Trump appeared to not care, as he coached the Border Patrol agents on committing an apparent illegal act.

“Tell them we don’t have the capacity, he said,” CNN reports Trump said. “If judges give you trouble, say, “‘Sorry, judge, I can’t do it. We don’t have the room.’”

Maybe Trump is that stupid. Because judges wouldn’t fall for such a lie.

Once the President “left the room, agents sought further advice from their leaders, who told them they were not giving them that direction and if they did what the President said they would take on personal liability. You have to follow the law, they were told.”

“At the end of the day,” a senior administration official told CNN, “the President refuses to understand that the Department of Homeland Security is constrained by the laws.”

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