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Trump Pal Alan Dershowitz Makes Stunning Admission About His Frolic With Serial Pedophile

Alan Dershowitz, one of President Donald Trump’s greatest allies, admitted in an interview with Axios published Sunday that he still hangs out with serial pedophile Jeffrey Epstein. In a bizarre turn, he also admitted to getting a “therapeutic massage with an old Russian.”

“He has called me a couple of times about legal issues because I’m still technically his lawyer,” Dershowitz told Axios.

According to Axios, Dershowitz helped Epstein score his plea deal with former U.S. Attorney Alexander Acosta, who now serves as Trump’s Labor Secretary. The story about the plea deal broke this week in the Miami Herald taking down everyone involved in shutting down an ongoing FBI probe.

Axios noted that “Dershowitz was also friendly with Epstein before the broader public knew he was a pedophile.” The publication revealed he did get a massage from one of Epstein’s women but did confirm she was of legal age.

“I had a therapeutic massage with an old, old Russian,”Dershowitz said. “But I never never … and that was part of when we had his house for about a week during I think it was Christmas vacation.”

“Believe me, I can tell you categorically there were no inappropriate pictures, no inappropriate anythings. It was like any other house.”

Read the entire interview at Axios.

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