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Jeff Bezos Just Pulled a Genius Move On Trump And His ‘National Enquirer’ Fixer

President Donald Trump supporter David Pecker, owner of the National Enquirer, attempted to blackmail Amazon CEO and owner of the Washington Post Jeff Bezos him with “personal photos—a.k.a dick pics” unless The Post changes its reporting. It totally backfired.

As noted by The Palmer Report, “Bezos found himself in the ultimate no-win situation. National Enquirer and its boss David Pecker had already exposed his affair and ruined his marriage. Bezos tried to investigate whether his enemy and Pecker’s friend Donald Trump was behind the whole thing. In response, the Enquirer threatened to publish Bezos’ compromising photos unless Bezos stopped digging.

So what did Jeff Bezos do in response to this no-win situation? He screamed as loudly as possible, for all to hear, that the National Enquirer had compromising photos of him. Then he published the emails that proved the Enquirer was trying to blackmail him. Then he made the case that Donald Trump was involved in it. Then he also made the case that Saudi Arabia was involved in it. Bezos set the whole thing on fire and made sure everyone was watching.

Now we all know that there are dick pics of Jeff Bezos out there. That’s probably not something that the CEO of a major company would want to have publicly known about himself. But by going public about it, not only did Bezos take a blowtorch to Pecker and Trump, he’s probably ensured that the photos won’t become public.

If Jeff Bezos had caved to David Pecker’s demands, Pecker would have continued to blackmail him on other matters going forward. Eventually, Pecker would have run out of things to blackmail Bezos over, and Pecker would have published or sold the photos for profit. The pictures would have come out eventually.

But by going public about the whole thing, Jeff Bezos has ensured that David Pecker will go to prison for a long time, because this extortion attempt will blow up his immunity plea deal with the SDNY. Further, Pecker’s lawyers are surely explaining to him right now that if he does sell or publish these pictures, it’ll exacerbate the circumstances of the crime, and ensure that Pecker will go to prison for even longer.

Whatever you think of Jeff Bezos in general, he’s found a way to win in what was supposed to be a no-win situation. He’ll come out of this okay, and he just sent his would-be blackmailer David Pecker to prison. Bezos also found a way to blow this directly back onto Donald Trump, as the SDNY now has an angle for investigating and exposing Trump’s criminal culpability in the scandal. These kinds of Trump scandals usually tend to involve members of his family as well. It’ll all come out.”

H/T: The Palmer Report.

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