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GOD HELP US ALL: Trump Picks “Computer Scientist” Rudy Giuliani To Defend US From Hackers


GOD HELP US ALL: Trump Picks “Computer Scientist” Rudy Giuliani To Defend US From Hackers

In his most absurd cabinet appointment yet, Donald Trump has put the U.S. at risk by choosing the most unqualified person to defend the U.S. from cyberattacks: Rudy Giuliani.

During his notorious press conference on Tuesday, lost amidst his threats to news organizations and denunciations of his enemies, the president-elect claimed he would soon assemble “some of the greatest computer minds anywhere in the world” to tackle the US government’s cybersecurity problem. But on Thursday, he went the opposite route instead and hired Rudy Giuliani! Apparently, Trump considers him a “computer scientist.”

Giuliani, the disgraced former mayor of New York, was one of Trump’s most vocal surrogates during the election and now is apparently going to lead the U.S. efforts to coordinate “cybersecurity” issues between the federal government and the private sector, the transition team announced Tuesday, The Guardian reported.

But what does Giuliani, who during the campaign trail said the president can break whatever law he likes in a time of war, know about cybersecurity? From the look and sound of it, absolutely nothing!

Instead of tapping actual computer security experts, Trump continues to put his friends in charge of a monumental problem that requires expertise beyond having many political connections or relationships with donors.

Trump choosing Giuliani to play such as significant role in his incoming administration from hell surprised nobody. After all, Trump loves nothing more than to reward all ass-kissers.

But while Giuliani is just a particularly cartoonish example of Trump’s cabinet, he is, in one sense, a perfect fit for the Trump administration: yet another already rich man taking a position in which he clearly has a vested interest, set to more money for himself and likely to fail those he’s supposed to be helping. Giuliani will almost certainly get fatter contracts while he continues to head up his “cybersecurity” firm, but it’s the American people who will ultimately lose.

God help us all.

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