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Trump Picks ‘Vulture’ Whose Greed Led To The Deaths Of 12 Miners As Secretary Of Commerce

President-elect Donald Trump, who has made Bankruptcy and tax-evasion the cornerstone of his business empire, has picked billionaire Wilbur Ross, known as the “the king of bankruptcy” and a ‘vulture’ who has made billions at the expense of workers’ safety, to lead the Commerce Department.

Trump has praised Ross, calling him “the king of bankruptcy” and a savior of failing U.S. industries. But industry experts have a different name for the 78-year-old investor. They describe him as a “vulture,” and say his restructuring of ailing industries has come at the expense of workers’ safety — in one egregious case, contributing to the deaths of 12 miners in Sago, West Virginia, according to Politico.

“Should Ross be nominated as Commerce secretary, some of those questionable practices are sure to be under a spotlight during his confirmation hearings, making him a complicated choice as the official in charge of promoting U.S. business abroad and defending U.S. trade laws. Also likely to get attention are his dizzying array of domestic and foreign investments and business dealings. Those include board positions on at least five major public companies and leadership in several private firms.”

Donald Trump and Wilbur Ross  |  Imgur

Donald Trump and Wilbur Ross | Imgur

Norman Eisen, a Brookings Institution visiting fellow who once served as President Barack Obama’s chief ethics lawyer reacted to the news saying: “[Ross] might be the second-most complicated person in the administration to vet, behind the president-elect himself.”

There you have it. Miners who voted for Trump have ben conned.

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