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Trump Plans To Separate Children From Their Parents In Effort To Curb Illegal Immigration: Report

The Trump administration is considering a proposal to separate parents from their children in an effort to halt a surge of Central American families coming across the Mexican border, The Washington Post reports.

Citing officials with knowledge of the plans, the newspaper reported Thursday that the administration would also crack down on migrants living in the United States illegally.

These measures, revealed to The Post on the condition of anonymity because they have not been publicly disclosed, would use data collected by the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) to target parents for deportation after they attempt to regain custody of their children from government shelters.

More From The Post:

The proposals, which have been presented for approval to new DHS Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen, were developed by career officials at Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) and other DHS agencies, administration officials said.

Tyler Houlton, a DHS spokesman, confirmed the agency has “reviewed procedural, policy, regulatory and legislative changes” to deter migrants. Without giving further details, he said some of the measures “have been approved,” and DHS is working with other federal agencies “to implement them in the near future.”

“The administration is committed to using all legal tools at its disposal to secure our nation’s borders, and as a result, we are continuing to review additional policy options,” Houlton said, according to the report.

The most contentious ­proposal — to separate families in detention — would keep adults in federal custody while sending their children to HHS shelters. This was proposed in March by then-Secretary of Homeland Security John F. Kelly, who is now White House chief of staff.

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