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Trump Plans To Use The Military To Deport Millions Of Innocent Immigrant Families


Trump Plans To Use The Military To Deport Millions Of Innocent Immigrant Families

Donald Trump spoke Thursday where he called his new efforts on deportation a “military operation.” His plan is to deport anyone who is here illegally, innocent families included.

“We’re getting really bad dudes out of this country,” he said at a meeting with manufacturing CEOs. “And at a rate nobody has ever seen before. And they’re the bad ones. And it’s a military operation.”

Trump’s new policies increases the umber of immigrants who are considered priorities for deportation. They also encourage law enforcement agencies to hire thousands of new agents to apprehend people living in the country illegally, with local police and sheriffs’ offices enlisted in the effort.

However, John Kelly has said that the military will not be taking part in deporting immigrants. “There will be no, no use of military force in immigration,” Kelly said in Mexico City.

Trump officials have said the effort is aimed at deporting criminal undocumented immigrants.

“You see what’s happening at the border,” the president said. “All of the sudden, for the first time, we’re getting gang members out. We’re getting drug lords out.”

“When you see gang violence and you’ve read about it like never before, all of the things, much of that is people who are here illegally. And they’re tough and they’re tough, but they’re not tough like our people,” he continued.

Trump’s new guidelines are not anything like Obama’s, which focused on serious criminals, recent border crossers and suspected terrorists.

On the other hand the new administration’s guidelines, any immigrant who is convicted, charged or suspected of a crime is considered a priority for removal. Meaning that an undocumented immigrant that gets a speeding ticket is on the same watch as an undocumented immigrant that committed a serious crime, like murder or trafficking drugs.

These changes have provoked immigrant-rights groups to act out. They said the changes could result in families being split apart and violations of due-process rights.

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