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Trump Plays The ‘Barely Know The Guy’ Card After Netanyahu’s Defeat, Throws Him Under The Bus


Trump Plays The ‘Barely Know The Guy’ Card After Netanyahu’s Defeat, Throws Him Under The Bus

The Israeli election is shaping up such that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has exceedingly little chance of being able to form the kind of coalition with the opposition parties that would allow him to remain in power. That’s a real problem for Netanyahu, because he’s facing indictment, and he’s headed to prison if he’s ousted. Now he has another problem.

With more than 90 percent of the vote counted in Israel, it appears that Netanyahu and his coalition have again failed to gain a majority in Tuesday’s elections.

While it is still unclear who, if anyone, will be able to build a majority coalition in the 120-member Knesset, the result makes it clear that Israeli voters were not swayed by the interventions of the man who tweeted that he is “King of Israel” —Donald Trump.

Netanyahu‘s chances of remaining in power shrinking by the hour, he’s canceled his upcoming UN trip, where he was supposed to meet with his close personal ally Donald Trump. Netanyahu can’t realistically make this trip, considering the circumstances of the election. It serves to demonstrate just how screwed Netanyahu is.

Trump is in a position where he could publicly throw his support behind his friend Netanyahu, in a last-ditch effort at convincing the opposition parties in Israel that they need to keep Netanyahu nominally in power in order to keep Trump happy. But Trump can apparently see that his ally Netanyahu is a likely goner, so he’s doing what he always does in these situations: instead of sticking his own neck out, he’s sticking out his foot to trip his own loyal ally and send him hurtling under the bus.

Asked about the Israel elections, Trump brushed Netanyahu aside and told reporters that “our relations are with Israel.”

Well, once he’s gone, Netanyahu will probably end up in prison. Donald Trump awaits a remarkably similar fate.

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