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Trump Poised To Roll Out New Policy Allowing Death Penalty For Drug Dealers: Report


Trump Poised To Roll Out New Policy Allowing Death Penalty For Drug Dealers: Report

President Donald Trump is reportedly pushing a new policy that could make drug dealers eligible for the death penalty, a sign that he is eager to bolster his hardline reputation on drug-related crimes, the Washington Post reported Friday night.

The president’s Domestic Policy Council and the Justice Department are looking into policy changes that could allow prosecutors to pursue the death penalty for drug deals, and an announcement could come within weeks.

Trump has reportedly talked privately about drug dealers getting the death penalty, and has pointed to countries with harsher punishments for drug dealers as examples for reducing drug-related crimes

“Some countries have a very tough penalty, the ultimate penalty, and they have much less of a drug problem than we do,” Trump said at a White House summit last week. One such country that Trump has reportedly looked to as an example is Singapore.

According to the Post, representatives from Singapore have briefed senior White House officials on that country’s drug policies.

Trump has also reportedly said that he does not see lenient approaches to drug-related crimes as effective, and believes that children need to be taught that they will die if they use illicit substances.

The Trump administration has already taken a number of steps to crack down on drug use. Last year, Attorney General Jeff Sessions directed federal prosecutors last year to seek the toughest penalties for drug-related crimes.

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