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Trump Promised To Only Deport Criminals But THIS Heartbreaking Video Proves Otherwise


Trump Promised To Only Deport Criminals But THIS Heartbreaking Video Proves Otherwise

Donald Trump said that he promised to deport all the criminals that are in this country illegally, but the recent event of a father taken away from his 13-year-old daughter while dropping her off at school proves otherwise.

Immigration and Customs Enforcement(ICE) agents stopped Romulo Avelica-Gonzalez’s vehicle on Tuesday. His daughter Fatima Avelica, recorded a video as she watched in terror as her father was being taken away.

“I was scared and sad at the same time,” Fatima, still holding the cellphone on which she took the video, told CNN Friday. “I never thought I would have to experience something like this in my life … on my way to school.”

Trump has said time and time again that he will only focus on deporting criminals, yet he’s tearing families apart.

Avelica had a DUI conviction that occurred nearly a decade ago and another conviction came 20 years ago after Avelica said he unknowingly purchased a car with an incorrect registration sticker.

“We knew the day was going to come … especially with the election,” said Avelica’s 19-year-old daughter Jocelyn. “We just weren’t prepared … We thought if we don’t talk about, it’s not going to happen.”

“I know he is not a criminal,” she said. “I’ve always said we all do things that we learn from … He is our father, a hard worker, an honest man.”

Ricardo Mireles, executive director of the charter school Academia Avance, told CNN affiliate KABC-TV in Los Angeles:

“I think the impacts are going to come in terms of, ‘Hey, how do we pay the rent? And how do we move forward?’ ” Mireles said. “We want to be able to find resources to help this family go through this process.”

The family is scared and heartbroken, and all this is cause by the man in charge that has granted ICE so much power.

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