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Trump Promises Vets Not To Politicize Event, Then Starts Rambling As If It Were A Campaign Rally: Watch


Donald Trump can’t make a promise without breaking it. He kept that streak going on Wednesday while addressing the American Veterans National Convention in Louisville, Kentucky.

Trump promised the veterans at the event that he would not politicize the event by chanting his 2020 campaign slogan – but then seconds after did it anyway.

“In all things, we are putting our country first,” the president said. “We are saying, let’s say ‘Make America great again,’ but we are almost there, ‘Make America great again.’ We may have to switch it. You know what we’re going to switch it to? Huh? Yeah? That is right. I will not say it here, because this is not a campaign speech.”

The audience at this point started laughing and then the president twice recited his campaign slogan.

“I will not say ‘Keep America great,’ but we are going to keep America great,” Trump said.

Take a look at the video clip below:

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