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Trump Puts Himself In A Deep Hole For Trying To ‘Monetize The Presidency’: Ex-Ethics Chief


Trump Puts Himself In A Deep Hole For Trying To ‘Monetize The Presidency’: Ex-Ethics Chief

Donald Trump has been criticized for using the presidency for his own financial benefit. On Saturday, that was exactly the case when former White House ethics chief Walter Shaub called the president out for promoting his Mar-a-Lago property in Florida as “the Southern White House” on Twitter.

Shaub took to Twitter to called out Trump for using his presidency to help promote his Mar-a-Lago resort.

“This reference to the ‘Southern White House’ is part of the campaign to monetize the presidency,” Shaub tweeted.

“Unlike the Mid-Atlantic White House, you can purchase unlimited access to the Southern White House and its chief occupant if you are willing to pay him $200,000 per year,” he added.

Shaub’s criticism of Trump came after the president tweeted that he would be watching former First Lady Barbara Bush’s funeral from “the Southern White House,” referring to his Mar-a-Lago resort.

This isn’t the first time Shaub criticizes Trump for trying to profit from the presidency. He, along with other watchdog groups, have argued that Trump is violating the emoluments clause – which bans presidents from receiving gifts or payments from foreign governments without Congress’s approval – by using the presidency to enrich his family business.

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