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Trump Reserves Large Blocks Of ‘Private Time’ On His Oval Office Schedule


Trump Reserves Large Blocks Of ‘Private Time’ On His Oval Office Schedule

Donald Trump reserves hours of “private time” on his Oval Office schedule for secret meetings and phone chats with friends, Politico reported Saturday.

Several sources close to Trump told Politico they aren’t thrilled with the president blocking off hours of his day to watch Fox News, meet with business acquaintances in private and hang out with Ted Nugent.

Trump implemented a system of leaving up to three-hour blocks labeled ‘private time’ or ‘private dinner’ on his schedule — an old habit he’s carried over from his business days that has frustrated some West Wing aides.

Three hours is a hell of a long time to eat dinner. “Who knows what’s going on during that time, anything could happen,” one White House aide suggested.

The practice worries some since the White House is no longer making visitor logs public.

“It would be troubling if, say, Sarah Palin were giving the president tips on foreign policy,” one source said.

The report shows that even those outside the administration itself get the feeling certain staff members view Trump as a giant toddler. One source, described as an individual who was “invited to visit Trump in the Oval Office,” said if Trump’s schedule is too empty he ends up just calling friends for advice.

“They need to keep him busy or he starts calling CEO types like Steve Schwarzman,” the source said. “They’re trying to fill his schedule up because he gets into mischief.”

Trump stops working around 6:30 p.m., The New York Times reported in February which then prompted Sean Spicer to hilariously proclaim how he doesn’t “think the president owns a bathrobe.”

Perhaps Trump should have a few things to do when it’s not even time to watch “Wheel of Fortune” in California.

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