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Trump Retweets Fake Twitter Account, Immediately Gets Shut Down


Trump Retweets Fake Twitter Account, Immediately Gets Shut Down

Donald Trump will side with anyone who supports him, even if the person supporting him isn’t real.

On Saturday Trump shared his appreciation of a “supporter” who worshiped him on Twitter.

“Thank you Nicole!” he tweeted.

But it didn’t take long for observers to notice that “Nicole” was not a real person. By Sunday night the account was suspended.

The Nicole Mincey account was made back in January to show support to Trump. Mincey was branded as a black pro-Trump conservative.”

Mincey was promoted in an ad in the Daily Caller under the byline “PROTRUMP45.”

The ad described Mincey as an “African American female from Camden, NJ” who “grew up in poverty” and is “a heartwarming reminder of how big the minority Republican movement really is.”

But Mincey was in fact just a a T-shirt model.

Another account named Kendra Manning claimed to blog for, but that account was also fake and appeared to be an altered picture of a T-shirt model, too.

It is unsure who owns or runs What we do know is that the website only accepts advertising from companies who are “Pro-Trump, Pro-Police, Pro-Second Amendment, Pro-Life, Patriotic (Pro-America), Pro-Veteran, Pro-Republican, Anti-democrat, and Anti-liberal.”

How odd that Trump calls out “fake news” when it’s something he doesn’t approve of, but when a fake Twitter account praises him he’s quick to share his thanks. This goes to show the kind of person Trump is.

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