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Military Perplexed After Trump Drops Major Lie To Justify Religious Exec. Order


Military Perplexed After Trump Drops Major Lie To Justify Religious Exec. Order

Not even the U.S. Military is exempt from Donald Trump’s lies. On Thursday, Trump signed an executive order promoting religious liberty, and singled out the US military for preventing troops from receiving religious items. But there’s one problem: That is not true.

“People were forbidden from giving or receiving religious items at a military hospital where our brave service members were being treated, and when they wanted those religious items,” Trump said at the signing ceremony, according to CNN.

He added: “These were great, great people. These are great soldiers. They wanted those items. They were precluded from getting them.”

Trump’s remarks raised eyebrows at the Pentagon, where officials are adamant there is no policy that prohibits members of the military from receiving religious items at military installations.

According to defense officials, military hospitals are considered the same as a military base, so security and patient privacy concerns require that any donation of any outside items by non-military groups be reviewed and distributed with chaplains overseeing religious matters. But that doesn’t mean service members there can’t receive religious items.

Indeed, service members have the option of declaring their faith in their personnel records so chaplains of that religion can ensure they get whatever religious items or services they wish.

Caught in a lie, Trump did not immediately respond to a request for clarification.

Watch CNN’s report below:

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