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Trump Says Climate Change Is A Hoax Because His ‘Natural Instinct For Science’ Said So


Trump Says Climate Change Is A Hoax Because His ‘Natural Instinct For Science’ Said So

Donald Trump continues to deny climate change and even said that he knows more about science than actual scientists because he has a “natural instinct” for it.

During an interview with the Associated Press, Trump said that his “natural instinct for science” helps him see past, what he claims to be, a biased study by scientists proving climate change is a very real threat.

Trump said that the argument on climate change “goes back and forth, back and forth.”

“You have scientists on both sides of it. My uncle was a great professor at MIT for many years, Dr. John Trump,” the president said. “And I didn’t talk to him about this particular subject, but I have a natural instinct for science, and I will say that you have scientists on both sides of the picture.”

Trump went on to add that he is “an environmentalist” and claimed that under his presidency the air is “cleaner than ever.”

“Everything I want and everything I have is clean. Clean is very important — water, air,” he said. “I want absolutely crystal clear water and I want the cleanest air on the planet and our air now is cleaner than it’s ever been. Very important to me.”

Trump went on to say that he cares more about his money than he does saving the environment.

“What I’m not willing to do is sacrifice the economic well-being of our country for something that nobody really knows,” he said.

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