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Trump Says He’ll Be Skipping 2020 Debates Because The Commission Is ‘Stacked With Trump Haters’


Donald Trump took to Twitter on Monday where he claimed that he plans to skip out on any debates in 2020 between himself and his eventual Democratic opponent.

Trump claimed that he would be treated “unfairly” at the debates. He even went as far as to call the Commission “Trump haters.”

“The so-called Commission on Presidential Debates is stacked with Trump Haters & Never Trumpers,” the president complained. “3 years ago they were forced to publicly apologize for modulating my microphone in the first debate against Crooked Hillary.”

Trump then went on to propose alternatives that would presumably stack the deck more in his favor.

“As President, the debates are up to me, and there are many options, including doing them directly & avoiding the nasty politics of this very biased Commission,” he wrote. “I will make a decision at an appropriate time but in the meantime, the Commission on Presidential Debates is NOT authorized to speak for me (or R’s)!”

Trump’s claim that the debate commission gave him a “public apology” in 2016 after some issues with his microphone arose during the debate were proven to be false by’s Aaron Rupar.

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