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Trump Says He’s ‘Very Popular’ In The U.K. As Britons Plan Mass Protests


Trump Says He’s ‘Very Popular’ In The U.K. As Britons Plan Mass Protests

During a wide-ranging interview with former Celebrity Apprentice winner Piers Morgan in Davos, President DonaldTrump claimed on Sunday that he is “very popular” in the U.K., a country he refuses to visit fearful of mass protests.

“I think I’m very popular in your country,” Trump said.

Morgan interjected: “Let’s not be too hasty, Mr. President.”

When Morgan pushed back on Trump’s claim of popularity, Trump said: “I know but I believe that, I really do. I get so much fan mail from people in your country. They love my sense of security, they love what I’m saying about many different things.”

“We get tremendous support from people in the U.K.,” the narcissistic president added.

Asked about the likely protests, Trump said: “Well, that’s their problem – I could very nicely stay home.”

Trump is due to visit Britain in October, a trip that has already sparked 86,000 to sign up for an “incredible protest” via a Facebook group.

Nearly 2 million Britons signed a petition in In Jan. 2017 demanding the invitation for Trump’s state visit be withdrawn.

Bloomberg recently reported that Trump issued an ultimatum to British Prime Minister Theresa May last year: Ban the protests or I won’t be coming.

Several high profile politicians have voiced their opposition to Trump’s visit, including London Mayor Sadiq Khan and Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn. When asked about these figures, Trump said he didn’t know them.

The interview, which drew a viewership of 3 million Sunday night, prompted criticism of Morgan for speaking too much about himself and for not pushing back on some of Trump’s claims.

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