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Trump: ‘When I Endorsed Luther Strange He Was In Fifth Place’. —There Were Only 3 Candidates

During his wild interview with The New York Times Friday, President Donald Trump tried to wash his hands off the humiliating defeat in the Alabama Senate race by dropping a baffling claim that completely defies arithmetic and reality itself.

“I was for Luther Strange, and I brought Strange up 20 points, Trump told The Times. “Just so you understand, when I endorsed him, he was in fifth place. He went way up. Almost 20 points. But he fell a little short. … And by the way, when I endorsed Roy Moore, he went up. It was a much closer race.”

The president’s claims about the impact of his endorsements in Alabama have long been fanciful, but even against that backdrop, this is beyond absurd.

As noted by The Washington Post, Trump’s assertion that Strange shot up in the polls and that he was in fifth place at the time of the endorsement is laughable. There were only three candidates in the race, and when Trump endorsed Strange in early August, two of the last three polls showed him in a virtual tie for first place.

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