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Trump Was Secretly Obsessed With Andrew McCabe’s Wife: Report


Trump Was Secretly Obsessed With Andrew McCabe’s Wife: Report

During an interview with CNN’s Pamela Browm, former FBI Director Andrew McCabe revealed that Donald Trump was completely obsessed with his wife.

According to McCabe, Trump would bring up the former FBI Director’s wife a lot.

“In May, when Director Comey was fired and I had my own interactions with the President, he brought up my wife every time I ever spoke to him,” McCabe told Brown. Each time McCabe pushed back. “Of course, I disagreed with him. I don’t see my wife’s decision to try to enter public life to help her community (have) greater access to healthcare as a mistake or a problem.”

McCabe also confirmed that Trump demanded to know who he voted for in the 2016 election in their first meeting after firing former FBI Director James Comey.

“I didn’t vote at all in 2016, and I explained to him that I did not vote in 2016 because the work that we were involved in had such political overtones that I felt it was prudent not to take a side in an election,” McCabe said.

You can read the entire interview HERE.

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