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The Fix Is In: Trump Signals Whitaker May End Mueller’s Probe: ‘He Will Do What’s Right’

President Trump appeared on Fox News Sunday and sent a not-so-veiled message, signaling that acting Attorney General Matthew Whitaker will do “the right thing’ if he ends the Russia probe, telling host Chris Wallace that he would not get involved if Whitaker moved to end special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation into alleged collusion between Trump’s campaign and Russia.

“Look…it’s going to be up to him,” Trump told Chris Wallace on “Fox News Sunday” when asked if he was OK with Whitaker hypothetically ending Mueller’s probe.

“I think he’s astute politically. He’s a very smart person. A very respected person,” Trump said. “He’s going to do what’s right.”

“I really believe he’s going to do what’s right.”

“But you won’t overrule him if he decides to curtail – ” Wallace began.

“I would not get involved,” Trump said.

Democrats have raised concerns over Whitaker’s past critical comments about Mueller’s investigation now that he is in charge of overseeing it. Trump, elsewhere in the interview on Fox, also claimed he was not aware of Whitaker’s past comments when he appointed him to the position.

The president has frequently attacked the Mueller’s investigation himself, calling it a “witch hunt.”

Whitaker’s appointment has been roundly criticized by many on the left, with Democratic leaders last week calling it “fatally flawed.”

Legal scholars also argued that Trump appointing Whitaker to his position without Senate confirmation is a violation of the constitution.

Trump allies have defended the decision pointing out to the Vacancies Reform Act, which they say presidents have frequently used to appoint acting officials.

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