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Trump Slams The Media For Not Talking About His Win In New Hampshire’s GOP Primary

President Donald Trump celebrated his victory in New Hampshire’s Republican primary by complaining that his win was overshadowed by the hotly contested Democratic election.

“Fake News @CNN and MSDNC have not surprisingly refused to talk about my record setting number of voters in New Hampshire (and in Iowa),” the president tweeted Wednesday, vowing to “win both states in November.”

Trump received over 120,000 votes, while his lone national challenger, former Massachusetts Governor Bill Weld, got 12,993.

Trump campaigned more aggressively in the New Hampshire primary and Iowa caucuses than previous incumbents who did not face a major challenger or were running unopposed. The president sent top surrogates to both states and held rallies in them ahead of both elections.

The president’s efforts were primarily about building strength in New Hampshire ahead of the general election. Trump narrowly lost New Hampshire to Hillary Clinton in 2016. The state has only broken for the Republican once in the previous seven election cycles when George W. Bush won it in 2000.

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