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Trump Spends Nights ‘Obsessing’ Over NYT Mystery Author And Made It A Priority To Find Out Who It Is: Report

Donald Trump is not obsessed about the country’s economy, health care system, education, no, he has one obsession at the moment and it has “freaked” him out. According to a White House insider, Trump is reportedly obsessed with finding out who wrote the article condemning him in the New York Times.

According to sources who spoke with Vanity Fair’s Gabe Sherman, Trump has gotten closer to finding out who the anonymous author is but it has made him even more paranoid.

Sherman’s sources described Trump’s mood as being “obsessed,” “lathered,” and “freaked out.”

Trump’s obsession has gotten so bad that his son, Donald Trump Jr., has expressed to his friends that his father is not sleeping due to his obsession.

“If you look at him the wrong way, he’ll spend the next hour thinking you wrote it,” one Republican source tells Sherman.

“He’s going to continue to shame this person,” a person described as “close to Trump,” tells Sherman. “The author will break under pressure or will eventually say, ‘f*ck it, it’s me.’”

According to Sherman, Trump now only trusts a handful of people in his administration. This includes his family members and aide Stephen Miller.

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