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Trump Spent Hours Begging Fox News To Make Him Look Good On Border Wall Deal: Report

Donald Trump is well aware that he did not win the deal when it comes to getting funds for his border wall. And now, as another government shutdown looms, it has been reported that Trump spent hours on the phone begging right-wing critics of his deal to make it look like he won.

Trump came under fire after accepting a deal to reopen the government without getting funds for his border wall. People like Sean Hannity and Anne Coulter slammed the president over the deal, causing his insecurities to rise.

According to CNN, the Trump administration has been reaching out to critics of the deal, hoping to sway them into backing the president on it.

“You saw a big change in tone from people like Sean Hannity when he said he wasn’t happy with the deal but he believed the president would take some kind of executive action if he did sign the deal to avoid a government shutdown,” CNN’s Kaitlan Collins reported.

“We learned in the 24-hour period [there] was a slew of phone calls from the White House to people like Sean Hannity, Laura Ingram, three people out of the president’s favorites telling them two things, one that this was a loss in part for House Speaker Nancy Pelosi because she said the president wasn’t going to get over one dollar for his wall in this deal and now he has over a billion and saying the president if he does sign this will declare some kind of national emergency or take executive action to secure further funding for the wall,” she added.

“Right now they are not saying whether or not the president is going to sign this. They say they are still going through all the texts. We know the White House aides are privately relieved because they feel like they have run out of options. They don’t have a lot of leverage. They are happy that so far the president has indicated that he will sign this and try to avoid another government shutdown.”

Take a look at the video clip below:

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