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Trump Staffer Just Spent $139,000 Of Taxpayer Funds For New Doors In His Office: Report

A new report revealed on Thursday that Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke spent $139,000 to upgrade the doors in his office.

According to the Associated Press, the upgrade was for three sets of double doors and was part of a modernization plan ordered by career Interior staff.

A spokeswoman for the department spoke to the AP about the spending and acknowledged that the price was expensive and blamed the cost of the doors on purchasing and preservation rules.

Zinke received backlash for spending $139,000 on a door from The Sierra Club, a leading environmental group who issued a statement on Thursday following the news.

“Now we know that Ryan Zinke isn’t using just any door when he shuts the American people out. Like Scott Pruitt, Zinke is a walking scandal who believes he can live the life of luxury on the American taxpayer’s dime, and it’s time Trump puts a stop to it,” Sierra Club president Ethan Manuel said in the statement. “We only hope that this $139,000 door doesn’t hit Zinke on his way out.”

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