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Republicans Gearing Up To Vote On Secret Healthcare Bill That Will Leave 23M Americans Out Of Coverage

Senate Republicans are working behind closed doors — and quickly — preparing to vote on Obamacare repeal next week without holding a hearing. According to multiple sources familiar with the plan.

The sources also revealed that the bill will throw more people off of their health insurance than the House-passed version of Trumpcare. The move leaves Democratic lawmakers with no chance to review legislation that would affect millions of Americans and one-sixth of the U.S. economy.

As reported by Politico Majority Leader McConnell plans the vote to happen next week. “GOP aides and others familiar with the negotiations said they anticipate the Senate bill’s text will be released later this week. The CBO is expected to release its estimate of the Senate bill’s impact on the federal budget and insurance coverage early next week, and a vote could potentially be held next Thursday before lawmakers go on vacation.”

According to the report, Republicans are planning on a cut to Medicaid that will be $200 billion more severe than the $830 billion slash that House Republicans passed last month.

The draconian cuts are a clear signal that Republicans are willfully ignoring the reality of who uses Medicaid coverage. 56% of Medicaid recipients are children or disabled. 60% of nursing home residents are on Medicaid and ten million Americans with disabilities rely on the program.

What’s happening is plain wrong, Senate Republicans are about to devastate tens of millions of American lives, and one-sixth of the US economy and they aren’t going to let the public see the bill until 2-3 days before the final vote.

The reason why the Senate bill is being kept a secret is that it is even crueler than the Trumpcare legislation the House passed.

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