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Trump Suggests ‘100 Percent Tariff’ On French Wine Over Disagreement With Macron

At a recent fundraiser event in Long Island, President Donald Trump suggested that he would consider a 100 percent tariff on wines coming from France over personal disagreements with French President Emmanuel Macron, Bloomberg News reports.

Trump made the suggestion as part of his trade war that has crippled American manufacturers and farmers while at the same time hitting American consumers’ wallets, according to Bloomberg.

During the event, the US president expressed his unhappiness with President Emmanuel Macron, who is “not nice to him.”

As Bloomberg writes, “It’s unclear if Trump, at a roundtable portion of an event in the Hamptons on Aug. 9 hosted by billionaire businessman Steven Ross with about a dozen well-heeled donors, was being totally serious.”

Trump, whose family owns their own winery recently said, “I’ve always liked American wines better than French wines, even though I don’t drink wine.”

You can read the entire report here.

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